Videos are great tools for teaching, learning, and communication; however, because video editing is time-consuming and tedious there are few people who take on the task. Utilizing the advances that have been made in video editing tools and algorithms we could help to ease this burden. Quick-Cut is a video editing tool focused on narration videos. It attempts to cut down the time it takes to edit videos together, while still producing a quality final cut.
We will be showcasing a variety of projects that highlight our applied research and development at the intersections of wearable computing, machine learning, smart textiles, internet of things, virtual/augmented reality, health and wellness, games with a purpose, educational technologies, assistive technology, the future of work, the smart city and smart home, and the arts.
Diagnostic radiology reports are increasingly being made available to patients and their family members. However, these reports are not typically comprehensible to lay, recipients, impeding effective communication about report findings. Rapport is a prototype system that aims to facilitate communication about radiology imaging findings among pediatric patients, their family members and clinicians in the clinical setting.
The Pervasive Games Group of the {egg} presents their new design of the big urban game Re:Activism, originally developed by the PETLab at Parsons The New School. This modular design of Re:Activism gives players a condensed experience of activist history in Atlanta. Players travel around to downtown sites that are tied to historical moments of activism and complete challenges related to those events.
With the increasing presence of censorship on Chinese social media, it is imperative to provide the users of platforms such as Sina Weibo a way to freely share information without alerting the censors and systems of surveillance on social media. The aim of this project is to implement a Real-Time Keyword Aggregator that collects keywords that have most likely resulted in censorship of posts from various publicly available archives of censored sina weibo posts.
The streetcars run in the heart of downtown. They are subject to unstable operating conditions caused by traffic congestion, basketball games, and obstructed right-of-way. These perturbations make the Atlanta Streetcar prone to streetcar-bunching, which causes undue passenger wait and crowding. We have developped a real-time dispatching method that considers every streetcar on the route to dispatch them with even headways, while maintaining a high frequency of service.
Using Google Glass to detect eye contact in real-time.
In order to prevent spinal surgery, scoliosis patients often are prescribed to wear a corrective brace to keep the spine from continuing to develop curvature. While largely successful if followed, many patients do not comply with wearing their brace for the correct amount of time. Our system attempts to improve compliance with patients by providing real-time data of their wear time in a meaningful way.
How can we preserve the benefits of the present cutting edge technology in streaming music media access and playback while reclaiming, integrating, and supporting those (almost) bygone historical, emotionally valuable experiences involved in “collecting music” into the modern context?
The Spring 2016 television miniseries, The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, captured imaginations and stirred memories. The series was based on the murder trial of football legend OJ Simpson and the resulting media circus. While watching, either viewer was remembering the events of the trial or enjoying the show's fictionalized narrative since they were too young or born after the trial.
As students, many of us regard career fairs as vital events for securing job and internship opportunities. However, there are several frustrating aspects of career fairs, which can make the experience less enjoyable and less efficient. We aim to improve the overall experience of career fairs while considering the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, through service design.
Redesigning the Receipts Through An Balanced Study of HCI and Design
Cognitive Load is the amount of "processing" your brain does when learning something new. This project investigates ways to lower the cognitive load while learning to program.
The air travel experience is notorious for being cumbersome, tiring, and downright stressful. Is there a way we could help eliminate or reduce some of these pain points for travelers? The goal of this study is to understand the needs of different kinds of travelers and see how the air travel experience could be improved from a baggage perspective. The output of this project is a functional prototype to help travelers get their bags where they need to go and spend as little time waiting at the airport as possible.
The Reflect! platform is designed to organize Reflective Consensus Building on Wicked Problems in small teams. Examples wicked problems are complex policy issues such as health care reform, poverty, global trade, or climate change; the regulation of new and emerging technologies; the design of products and technologies; and planning processes that involve different stakeholders.