Brown Bag Replays

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Living in Data

Speaker: Beth Mynatt
October 14, 2021
We anticipate that AI will play a pivotal role in supporting the goals of older adults to “age in place” and sustain quality of life and independence. However, designing these technologies requires supporting the actions of older adults alongside their caregivers, spouses, adult children, and healthcare providers while being able to draw on a longitudinal understanding of routines, habits, norms, and values. In this talk, I draw from several projects to reflect on the challenges incumbent in designing for informal care networks. These challenges include establishing trust, respecting privacy, retaining autonomy, and combatting disparities. While these challenges are significant, the benefits of designing for care networks are substantial and this multi-stakeholder approach has the greatest potential for long-lasting care. This work now grounds the “use inspired” research for the new NSF AI Institute for Collaborative Assistance and Responsive Interaction for Networked Groups (AI-CARING).

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: How Health Informatics Will Transform Healthcare

Speaker: Mark Braunstein
September 30, 2021
Computers have been used in healthcare from their earliest days. Much visionary work was done in the 1950's and 60's but it inevitably failed to achieve acceptance for technical and non-technical reasons we will discuss. As a result, healthcare is correctly widely viewed as the last major industry to embrace the information age. That is changing. We will explore the new technology landscape and look at some of the early transformative applications it has enabled around the world.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Exploring the promise and peril of emotion AI, designing for emotional meaning-making with data, imagining an affirmative biopolitics with data

Speaker: Noura Howell
September 23, 2021
Emotion AI, which predicts psychological characteristics from data, offers potentially transformative benefits for societal well-being, productivity, and security. Drawing on increasingly available biodata--data about people’s bodies and behaviors, such as video, audio, or heart rate--emotion AI predicts emotions, stress, focus, and other characteristics. Emotion AI increasingly informs sensitive decisions in many varied contexts, from social media to online education, online job interviews, or security surveillance systems and criminal investigations. A key challenge to emotion AI is that algorithmic ways of modeling emotion differ fundamentally from human ways of understanding emotion, making emotion AI predictions difficult to meaningfully interpret and apply in real-world contexts. In addition, even people aware of widespread video surveillance may be unaware that an additional layer of algorithmic surveillance using emotion AI is making sensitive predictions about their inner psychology from video of their facial expressions, leading to privacy and civil liberties risks. My design research explores both the promise and peril of emotion AI, and contributes design tactics to more effectively support social, embodied, and emotional meaning-making with data. Combining building custom biosensing technologies and realtime data displays with concepts from the arts and humanities, my work explores, how might we imagine a more affirmative biopolitics with data?

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Fostering Public Understanding of AI Through Education & Design

Speaker: Duri Long
September 9, 2021
As artificial intelligence is integrated into our schools, homes, and workplaces, it becomes increasingly important to foster public understanding of AI. My research has explored two important facets of this issue—developing AI education initiatives and expanding existing AI systems to improve their ability to interact naturally with humans and foster understanding through interaction. Several design themes guide my work, including using embodied interaction, collaboration, and creative exploration to reduce intimidation and foster curiosity and learning. I will discuss my research investigating how to define AI literacy, and I will present several activities I have designed for informal learning spaces that can foster family learning about AI. I will also discuss how my research on developing co-creative AI systems can inform the development of more understandable AI systems. My talk will conclude with reflections on how education and system design can be leveraged to create more equitable, understandable AI in our everyday lives.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Designing for Coordination and Intervention in Behavioral Health

Speaker: Gabriela Marcu
April 22, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Marcu will share two projects in which she has grappled with the issues of underserved areas in behavioral and mental health and how technology can play a role in and have a meaningful impact. Dr, Marcu explores how mobile and collaborative technologies can fill gaps in care coordination and provide supplemental interventions for behavioral and mental health.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Research and Engagement Grant Winners for Academic Year 2020-2021

Speaker: Laura Levy, Sarah Milkes Espinosa, Sang Leigh, Brooke Bosley, Caleb Ziems, Russ Clark
April 15, 2021
In this talk, the Research and Engagement Grant Winners for Academic Year 2020-2021 will be presented. Highlights of the seven research projects will be discussed.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Prototype Nation: China and the Contested Promise of Innovation

Speaker: Silvia Lindtner
April 8, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Lindtner examines how the ideals of the maker movement, to intervene in social and economic structures, served the technopolitical project of prototyping a “new” optimistic, assertive, and global China. Prototype Nation shows that by attending to the bodies and sites that nurture entrepreneurial life, technology can be extricated from the seemingly endless cycle of promise and violence.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Imagine All The People On A Trustworthy Internet

Speaker: Marshini Chetty
April 1, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Chetty will present a set of case studies from her research lab that helps further the goal of a trustworthy Internet for all and demonstrate how important it is to study the privacy and security needs of those who do not fit the “average” user mold. In addition, Dr. Chetty will discuss possible solutions for helping users gain more trust in information on the Internet.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: MS-HCI Program | Recent Master’s Projects

Speaker: Jordan Hill, Matt Golino, Nandita Gupta
March 25, 2021
MS-HCI Program Recent Master’s Projects will be presented by Jordan Hill, Matt Golino, and Nandita Gupta. Richard L. Henneman, Director of the Master's Program in Human Computer Interaction will serve as moderator.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: The Future is Collectivism: Exploring Technology Co-Design From a Lens of Critical Design

Speaker: Christina Harrington
March 18, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Harrington presents concepts of community collectivism as a way to address challenges of health and racial equity, employ critical theory and frameworks, and better engage marginalized groups. Dr. Harrington also considers collectivism as a meaningful approach to speculating community and technology futures.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Designing Not Knowing

Speaker: Laura Devendorf
March 11, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Devendorf presents designing not-knowing as a practice through which to to try to probe, question, and understand what counts as design. Dr. Devendorf aims to inspire reflection, and offer a few tactics for unknowing.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Reclaiming the Internet: A Journey to Community-Held Cellular Infrastructure

Speaker: Kurtis Heimerl
March 4, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Heimerl presents ongoing attempts to leverage advances in wide area technology to recreate distributed access networks and help small organizations provide connectivity to their communities.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Foley Scholar Talks — Spring 2021

Speaker: Ceara Byrne, Azra Ismail, Koustuv Saha
February 28, 2021
The 2020 Foley Scholar Award Winners, Ceara Byrne, Azra Ismail, and Koustuv Saha will present highlights of their award winning research and discuss recent activities.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Bringing Narrative Authoring into Social Media

Speaker: Krystina Madej
February 25, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Madej presents social media narratives created in 2019 by small teams of university students who were asked to engage in participatory story creation that used social media in all its affordances. The narratives were played out through social media from Instant Messaging to Tweets, from Facebook to LinkedIn, from YouTube to Snap Chat.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Ignorance is Bliss: A Retrospective On My Career at Georgia Tech

Speaker: Gregory D. Abowd
February 11, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Abowd would like to reflect on the 26+ years he has spent at Georgia Tech, the College of Computing, and the GVU Center and try to explain why this place is so special.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: A Wearable-Agnostic IOT Platform: From Sensors to Health Solutions

Speaker: Laurie Olivier & Dr. Franco du Preez
February 4, 2021
Laurence Olivier (LifeQ CEO) will discuss LifeQ's health information systems and the practical application of computational systems biology to provide biometrics and health solutions derived from wearable devices. Dr. Franco du Preez (Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of LifeQ) will discuss how content aggregation services exist for wearable and other information streams that track human behavior and physiology. LifeQ has developed standardization to ensure interoperable, high quality data points for downstream applications such as disease monitoring and management, or research.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Assistive Smartwatches to Support Self-Regulation for Neurodiverse Adults

Speaker: Vivian Motti
January 28, 2021
In this talk, Dr. Motti will present the design, development, and evaluation of Wearable Life -- an assistive smartwatch application that empowers neurodiverse individuals to regulate emotions independently.

GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: From Tire Tracks to Subway Maps: How Computing Innovation Fuels US Industries

Speaker: Beth Mynatt
January 21, 2021
At the close of 2020, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released the report, Information Technology Innovation: Resurgence, Confluence, and Continuing Impact. As the chair of the report committee, in this talk I will give a high level overview of the report, and then describe how my experiences in the GVU Center and in the HCI community informed by contributions to the study.