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Videos are great tools for teaching, learning, and communication; however, because video editing is time-consuming and tedious there are few people who take on the task. Utilizing the advances that have been made in video editing tools and algorithms we could help to ease this burden. Quick-Cut is a video editing tool focused on narration videos. It attempts to cut down the time it takes to edit videos together, while still producing a quality final cut.
Many real-world datasets are large, multivariate, and relational in nature and relevant associated decisions frequently require a simultaneous consideration of both attributes and connections. Existing visualization systems and approaches often make an explicit trade-off between either affording rich exploration of individual data units or exploration of the underlying network structure. We demonstrate through a system called Graphicle how network structure can be layered on top of unit visualization techniques to create new opportunities for visual exploration of large multivariate networks.
In this research, we explore how conversational agents, specifically the Google Home Hub, can empower dyads comprised of older adults with MCI and their care partners.


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