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Fifty percent of all trips are 3 miles or less, yet only 1.8% of those trips are biked. Meanwhile, 35.7% of US adults are obese and the transportation sector accounts for 32% of US greenhouse gases. One of the main reasons citizens do not use the healthier mode of cycling is due to a lack of safe infrastructure‚ dedicated bicycle routes, roads with bicycle lanes, and other designated bicycle facilities. The City of Atlanta has a desire to put proper cycling infrastructure in place but needs better information from citizens about where they currently and would like to cycle.
The Grand Palace is a Chinese history simulation game exploring an educational strategy of representing a complex political system in a specific historical period. In this game, interactors play as an emperor in the imperial age of China, who needs to seek supporters in the court to prepare for war. The simulation represents the bureaucratic structure of the imperial court and the political threats an emperor might face. The goal is to educate the interactors about the strategies an emperor can use to maintain his power.
Parents and children work together in museums and other informal learning settings to make meaning of the world around them. The parent-child conversations, the child's interests (islands of expertise) and the surrounding technology influence the overall informal learning experience. We conducted two studies at the Children's Museum of Atlanta to better understand the interplay amongst those conversations, child's interest, and technology.

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