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A method for engaging community members in productive discussions about technology with technology designers. Medium probes offer designers and participants a chance for open-ended exploration of design issues related to participants' practices with technology, cultural values, skills, and access level.
Seeking mentorship and advice is a key activity in a graduate student’s career development, specifically when transitioning from academia, and looking for job opportunities. While multiple sources of career-related information are available to graduate students, there are multiple benefits in getting this information through a mentor. This project presents UI enhancements to Peoplegrove for GT-Connects, to improve the mentoring experience of mentors and mentees.
Researchers in ubiquitous computing fields have assumed that smartphone owners consistently use, carry, or have access to their phones throughout the day. Current applications in fields such as mHealth believe that the smartphone is a promising and reliable sensing platform to understand user behaviors and environment. However, as wearable technology (e.g., smartwatches) has become more widely adopted, the changed technology landscape has impacted users' proximity to their smartphone. By introducing new research techniques, we investigate the current users' proximity to their smartphone.

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