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The goal of this NASA funded project is to conduct human computer interaction experiments to study how the diminishment of irrelevant visual and auditory information, via Augmented Reality, in a high stress environment can help a user focus more effectively on task performance. Specifically we are studying methods of diminishing and enhancing reality for crew members on the International Space Station that could help them perform complex medical tasks in high stress emergency situations.
Using machine learning to help scholars find new research sources
Our project aims to examine whether it is feasible to build machine learning classifiers that can effectively predict an upcoming psychiatric hospitalization given social media data from platforms unseen in the classifiers' training data, despite the preliminary evidence on identity fragmentation between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also aims to explain any discrepancies in performance that are found during analysis between intra- and inter-platform classification.


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App Lab

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GVU Prototyping Lab

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GVU Craft Lab

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Usability Lab

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