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Meditation has entered the digital sphere through apps, podcasts, and online videos. There have been attempts to use virtual reality, but these have focused on single session experiences. We took a user-centered approach to design and implement a VR system to teach people meditation and equip them with skills that can be used beyond the virtual environment. Our research focused on understanding how beginners learn meditation and how their needs could be met in VR. We used this data to create a multi-lesson VR meditation prototype which we then evaluated in a longitudinal lab-based deployment.
Argon is a mobile web browser designed to bridge the gap between Augmented Reality and The Web. Following in the tradition of web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, which differentiate themselves by providing custom functionality that is not yet standardized across all browsers, Argon exposes the core technologies needed to make AR possible. By making computer vision tracking (via the Qualcomm's Vuforia library) available to web pages, Argon provides a browser-based platform for rapid development of fully-interactive 2D/3D AR content & applications.
Electronic sports, or esports, are not only an economic juggernaut but also an exciting domain to explore human-computer interactions and new business strategies. Team 1 of the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) class focuses on the applications of mixed reality technologies to bring the excitement of esports anywhere through mobile technologies and simple sensors. This team works with industry partners including Ghost Gaming, Atlanta Reign, and Hi-Rez Studios to explore new business strategies and applications of mixed reality through user-centered designed applications.


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