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We will be showcasing a variety of projects that highlight our applied research and development at the intersections of wearable computing, machine learning, smart textiles, internet of things, virtual/augmented reality, health and wellness, games with a purpose, educational technologies, assistive technology, the future of work, the smart city and smart home, and the arts.
We are a team focused on increasing the comfortability of autonomous vehicles for people with ASD. A fully autonomous vehicle would afford individuals with ASD a safe and reliable form of transportation that requires no driving skills. Our project seeks to explore how to make individuals with ASD more comfortable using level 5 autonomous vehicles.
Active Pathways aims to support learning and discovery in systems biology by allowing users to construct and manipulate bio-chemical reaction network simulations using active tangibles on an interactive tabletop display surface. Researchers in systems biology currently run simulation programs that model different experimental parameters such as concentrations inside cells and reaction speeds. Parameters are adjusted algorithmically or by entering numbers into equations. The simulation results are then plotted as graphs in order to discover hidden patterns in the network.

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App Lab

App Lab

Built for Success

A mobile computing "hackerspace."
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Location: TSRB 333

GVU Prototyping Lab

GVU Prototyping Lab

From Concept to Creation

A rapid prototyping "makerspace."
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Location: TSRB Basement

GVU Craft Lab

GVU Craft Lab

Making for All

A soft-goods "makerspace."
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Location: TSRB 225B

Usability Lab

Usability Lab

Testing Methods and Technology

An adaptable project testing space.
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Location: TSRB 216