Travel Grant Requests

No Additional Funding for GVU Travel Grants is Available at This Time

The GVU Center offers a travel stipend to qualifying students presenting at conferences throughout the year. Please be aware that due to the increasing popularity of this program and because we have limited funds available for travel grants, we are not able to fund all requests. In particular, funds are prioritized for students who are active in GVU programs, such as participating in the bi-annual Research Showcase.

The following stipulations will be taken into account when awarding stipend requests:

  1. The student must be affiliated with the GVU Center and working with a GVU faculty member on research to be eligible to apply. Funds are prioritized for students who are active in GVU programs (i.e., the bi-annual Research Showcase).
  2. The student can receive at most one stipend per academic year.
  3. The student must have advisor approval for the travel.
  4. In most cases, a maximum of one student per advisor per year will be awarded.
  5. Up to $300 domestic (including Canada and Mexico) and $500 international will be awarded for a single trip.
  6. Upon return, the student is required to submit a short trip report explaining the professional/academic benefits of attending the conference (including reference to publication) to be eligible for a future travel stipend.
  7. Students who have earned a stipend from another campus unit for a specific trip may still apply for a travel stipend from the GVU Center.
  8. Travel stipends will be granted as funds last.

Unfortunately the budget for this academic year's travel grant requests has been allocated. Please monitor this website or the GVU/IPaT mailing lists for new travel opportunities in the new academic year.