Amazing Me: Milestone tracking via an interactive e-book

Rosa Arriaga
Yiran Ma


Early development of children is a critical issue for young parents. However, symptoms of abnormality may occur in a subtle manner, and parents often fail to recognize them or seek help at an early stage. This is often because they lack certain knowledge or professional guidance. CDC distributed brochures to promote knowledge of children early development. However, this form of the publication contains a large volume of information and is hard to popularize. Furthermore, even though parents' role in solving this problem is significant, they could not do it alone. Enhancing the collaboration among different roles(parents, childcare givers, and professionals) will make the most impact in this process. Therefore, this project would utilize a tablet-based interactive storybook to intervene with milestone tracking and help improve chronic/healthcare management.

Why is it important?

*Identify children at risk for developmental disabilities

*Communicate concerns to the primary care provider

*Get necessary services to improve outcomes for the child in question

*To understand developmental trajectories of children from different demographics


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