Westside Atlanta Land Trust: A Community Mapping and Design Collaboration

Carl DiSalvo
Amanda Meng, Andrew Nelson

A few Fridays ago, the Public Design Workshop (PDW) led a Design and Policy Jam with the Westside Atlanta Land Trust (WALT) Program. WALT's mission is "to organize the community's power for self-determination; to serve and preserve in-place residents, small business owners, and their successive generations in redeveloping areas." The jam session supported this mission by tasking participants with researching and producing an argument for a city-wide community land trust (CLT) policy. This argument would take the shape of maps, infographics, draft policy texts, and a powerpoint presentation to be presented to the City of Atlanta's Community Development and Human Resources Committee.

PDW lab members Andy Nelson (Master's HCI) and Amanda Meng (Ph.D. INTA) work on a weekly basis with WALT to continue supporting data collection and mapping efforts. The team will also implement an online document editing platform to crowdsource policy texts that support a city wide Community Land Trust model.


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