Spatial data visualizer

Miroslav Malesevic, Matt Swarts, Noah Posner

Spatial data visualizer utilize potree viewer, an in-browser application and process of photogrammetry for visualizing large point cloud data. At IMAGINE Lab we use Small Unmanned Aerial Vechicle to collect aerial images of GATECH. We then use photogrammetry proces in which images are processed to create point cloud data which we use as an aid for visualization and spatial analysis. Potree viewer allows us to quickly share data with clients and stakeholders.

Noah Posner, Miroslav Malesevic

The IMAGINE (Interactive Media Architecture Group in Education) Lab is composed of a group of researchers and students with a mission of serving the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) community by: 1. Providing exemplary applications of cutting edge, architectural visualization and interaction technologies. 2. Preparing students in the use of these technologies. IMAGINE realizes the benefits and potential of integrating research and education. The staff members of the IMAGINE Lab offer courses in architectural visualization and physical interaction. Student members are actively involved in applied, sponsored projects that are related to the lab's research interests. The IMAGINE Lab maintains 3D models of the Georgia Tech campus and sourounding area for the use by students, staff and faculty.