Player health and safety in esports

Laura Levy
Chen Ren, Team 3 VIP Esports

Professional esports athletes compete under tremendous pressure that has significant impacts on their physical, cognitive, emotional, and mental health. However, little is known for how to support this specific kind of demographic, which trends young and where its players often find themselves far from home working in a language they might not be comfortable with. Students in this team study how mobile health tools can mitigate these impacts and empower users through a co-design process with players and the staff that support them.

Students in a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) team work closely with industry collaborators on industry-inspired projects. The Future Experience of Esports team is eager to collaborate with a variety of partners including those in business, health and medicine, team management and organization, STEAM education, among others.

Laura Levy

Gaming & Esports Applied Research (GEAR) is a transdisciplinary team of computer scientists and engineers, health professionals, graphic designers, human-computer interaction scientists, and cognitive psychologists with the capacity to rapidly prototype, develop, evaluate, and deploy video games for a variety of research applications. We focus on the applications of games as tools for education, empowerment, rehabilitation, community engagement, health interventions, and entertainment. Additionally, our research on esports includes the development of novel tools to support a variety of esports stakeholders, creation of esports STEAM curriculum for schools, and technologies to support esports player health and safety.