Improving the sense of community among OMSCS students

Dr. David Joyner
Suyash Thakare

One of the main reasons why students are drawn to Georgia Tech's OMSCS program is its flexibility in terms of location and schedule [1]. But it's the flexibility itself that leads to the lack of camaraderie and interactions with the student community, which has been one of the chief reasons why online students drop out [2]. Even if they don't drop out, it can negatively impact their learning experience [3]. According to a research conducted on a MOOC, students show improved performance and engagement if they interact with their friends [4].

Our project's goal is to improve the sense of community among OMSCS students by understanding why they feel isolated as well as the factors that prevent them from building connections with their peers and designing a solution that helps foster camaraderie among them. 

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Richard Henneman, Carrie Bruce
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