Enhanced Data Collection for Decreasing Food Insecurity

Carl DiSalvo
Morgan Orangi

For the 2017-18 academic year, HCI master's student Morgan Orangi has been collaborating with Concrete Jungle, a local organization that forages local produce and distributes it to smaller pantries and shelters. The research has involved interviews, contextual inquiry, focus groups, and participatory design workshops to better understand the processes of Concrete Jungle and their partner organizations with the ultimate goal of designing a tool that connects these processes and produces valuable data.


The Public Design Workshop is pedagogical structure created to explore new ways to teach, learn, and do social design within the university. We explore how design contributes to the construction of publics, articulates contemporary social and political issues, and fosters new forms of engagement with technology. We do this through participatory workshops & events, speculative design, and theory & criticism. We design events, workshops, objects, and systems. We also do theory and criticism.We are always open to new collaborators.Current topics of interest include: food and food systems, hackathons, infrastructure, visualizations, tools, and maps.