Augmented reality and the fan experience of esports

Laura Levy
Matthew Mills, Team 1 VIP Esports

Electronic sports, or esports, are not only an economic juggernaut but also an exciting domain to explore human-computer interactions and new business strategies. Team 1 of the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) class focuses on the applications of mixed reality technologies to bring the excitement of esports anywhere through mobile technologies and simple sensors. This team works with industry partners including Ghost Gaming, Atlanta Reign, and Hi-Rez Studios to explore new business strategies and applications of mixed reality through user-centered designed applications.

Students in a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) team work closely with industry collaborators on industry-inspired projects. The Future Experience of Esports team is eager to collaborate with a variety of partners including those in business, health and medicine, team management and organization, STEAM education, among others.

Laura Levy

Gaming & Esports Applied Research (GEAR) is a transdisciplinary team of computer scientists and engineers, health professionals, graphic designers, human-computer interaction scientists, and cognitive psychologists with the capacity to rapidly prototype, develop, evaluate, and deploy video games for a variety of research applications. We focus on the applications of games as tools for education, empowerment, rehabilitation, community engagement, health interventions, and entertainment. Additionally, our research on esports includes the development of novel tools to support a variety of esports stakeholders, creation of esports STEAM curriculum for schools, and technologies to support esports player health and safety.