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CopyCat and PopSign are two games that help deaf children and their parents acquire language skills in American Sign Language. 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and most of those parents never learn enough sign language to teach their children. As short term memory skills are learned from acquiring a language, many deaf children enter school with short term memory of less than 3 items, much less than hearing children of hearing parents or Deaf children of Deaf parents. Our systems address this problem directly.
Engineers are interested in solving some practical problem, such as capturing water vapor in arid regions. They intend to use biological analogs as a source of inspiration. Doing so, however, raises several problems. First, the biological literature is immense, and keyword-based search produces voluminous hits, but most of the retrieved documents are of no use. That is, there is a high recall but low precision. The second problem is that even when a document looks like it might be relevant, it is still burdensome for the engineer to make a determination.

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