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In this project, we have used machine learning to develop a decision support tool for patients on the deceased-donor organ transplant waiting list. The idea is to evaluate the trade-offs in accepting organs that are labelled as 'Increased Risk Donor' (or IRD) organ versus choosing to remain on the waitlist to receive a non-IRD organ. We have built post-transplant survival models to predict the outcomes in both cases and compared them, based on the patient and donor characteristics, to help patients in making more informed decisions.
This research project is a MSCHI 2nd year Masters project that attempts to design a wearable device that will reduce distraction in classrooms by making it easier for professors to deal with technology issues that may occur (e.x. The wifi cutting out) in a way that will help them maintain focus on the subject matter of the class.
In this project, we have designed visualizations that show the recent history of a team's draft selections as well as each team's regular season and playoff history. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-browse and -understand interface for exploring the data and learning about teams' pasts.

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