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We present three prototypes designed for a hypothetical museum exhibit that elicit historical and experiential qualities of early 16th-century prayer-nuts. As personal religious experiences included a “dependence of spirituality on material objects” during the 16th-century, we believe that digitally-enhanced multisensory interactions can help situate the artifact in its historical context. The 3D printed interactive prayer nuts augmented with audio-visual effects support the visual voyage, experience of spirituality, and scents of power.
Data visualization can be an important guiding force in scientific debates and casual discussions alike. Bringing data visibly into the world can inform and bring attention to critical issues, as well as help us develop a more personal relationship with the data. This project aims to promote awareness and stimulate discussion about climate change through visualizing personal carbon footprint data on clothing. It explores the placement of visualizations in the social sphere, as well as revealing unseen individual and systematic responsibility for carbon emissions.
XyloCode is an interactive museum experience to explore programming concepts in a collaborative and musical way.

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