Student Researchers at Sonification Lab Bring New Sound to Data

Student Researchers at Sonification Lab Bring New Sound to Data

Students engrossed in research at Georgia Tech's Sonification Lab tackle some serious challenges as they explore ways to create auditory interfaces to assist visually impaired people or improve traffic safety. Occasionally they get the opportunity to employ research in odd, different ways.

Doctoral candidates Jonathan Schuett, Jared Batterman and Vincent Martin collaborate to create an auditory-enhanced version of Fantasy Football, which allows vision-impaired fans, including Martin, to join the competition.

Another unusual test of the new auditory technology came with an assignment originating with the reggae-rock group Echo Movement. The students made good on the band's request to convert the fluctuating brightness of stars into sound, which the band then incorporated into a song.

"It's the first time I've heard of a research lab getting credit in a CD liner note," says Associate Professor Bruce Walker, director of the Sonification Lab.

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Pictured: Research scientist Carrie Bruce attempts to talk and text during a driving simulation in the Sonification Lab as Associate Professor Bruce Walker and doctoral candidate Thomas Gable observe.