Jason Freeman
Ryan Rose, Avneesh Sarwate

SoundCage is an installation that allows people to solve an aural puzzle using their entire body. Audience members enter a phone booth-sized enclosure and find themselves surrounded by a network of strings. As they move around and touch the strings, their body position will warp the sounds playing all around them. Different movements will result in different sounds, and the audience is encouraged to reveal the hidden message in the soundscape.

Brian Magerko
Jason Freeman, Duri Long
Takeria Blunt, Erin Truesdell, Manoj Deshpande, Sarah Mathew, Atefeh Mahdavi

The Expressive Machinery Lab (formerly ADAM Lab) explores the intersection between cognition, creativity, and computation through the study of creative human endeavors and by building digital media artifacts that represent our findings. Applications of our findings range from AI-based digital performance to interactive narrative experiences to educational media design and development.