Redesigning the Career Fair Experience

Chris LeDantec
Yan (Vicky) Gao, Megan Hamilton, Varsha Jagdale

As students, many of us regard career fairs as vital events for securing job and internship opportunities. However, there are several frustrating aspects of career fairs, which can make the experience less enjoyable and less efficient. We aim to improve the overall experience of career fairs while considering the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, through service design.

Christopher Le Dantec

The Participatory Publics Lab is a group of researchers concerned with community engagement and design. We are part of the Digital Media program in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech.

We explore the design of mobile and social media in the context of community development and activism. We do this through different modes of participation: in the design of these technologies; in the development of discourses about these technologies; in the use, adoption, and appropriation of these technologies.

We investigate forms of civic and community engagement through participatory design, design research, ethnographic research, and critical scholarship. Our research is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and as part of the Intel Science and Technology Center in Social Computing (ISTC-Social).