Mi Casa Mis Derechos: A mobile narrative site for tenant education

Carl DiSalvo, Chris Le Dantec
Hannan Abdi, Ryan Winstead

Tenants facing eviction often approach Welcoming Atlanta (WA) when it is too late: they reach out when the eviction is already ongoing, they have already relocated, or rent interest is already accruing to large sums. Aside from emergency action, little can be done to assist these tenants. While information around tenants' rights and anti-eviction measures exist, little of it is reaching WA's constituents in a cohesive, or culturally and contextually relevant way. Moreover, community members' anxieties around trust, the aid process, and making mistakes when dealing with eviction prevent them from taking the steps necessary to be protected.

My House, My Rights (Mi Casa Mis Derechos) is a mobile-first, Spanish language website that visually communicates tenants' rights and resources through a series of illustrated scenarios. Each scenario would reflect a situation that the tenant may find themself in, beginning at the inability to make full rent payments, to being harassed by their landlord, to being served with an eviction. The solution helps the tenant discover available resources and their basic tenant rights, and understand how they can take immediate action to protect themselves and their home.




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